Dave ft Ruelle - Lesley


This song is literally the deepest song I've heard this year regarding depression and the poor condition of girls going through life lacking all forms of love, particularly self love.

Dave's lyricism sublimes the song by inviting us into a sad story about Lesley who's bound to make one bad choice after the other. He's a very skilled MC in the truest form. Every rap technique is poured in the song while the form is as free as possible so that we actually focus on his voice.

The song is a message to all women who are suffering because of toxic men. But when I hear it, I ache at the idea of being somewhat responsible of such pain. I am determined and proud to focus my development into becoming the best version of myself so that mothers, daughters, sisters and wives can be happy by being themselves around me.

Being a woman is not a right but a state of existence. We shouldn't have to celebrate their rights. We should celebrate their existence everyday because we're all alive thanks to one woman.